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“Keeping up with the business logic”

About us

Pesciaflor is a flower supply company founded in 1999 by Pier Luigi Michelini and Federica Arinci.

The experience developed through time and collaboration with the main international markets allow us to satisfy our customers’ needs with dedicated care. Our company policies have always staked to a strict product selection and software development, guaranteeing a quality offer with a solid structure at the base.


«It’s not the strongest or the smartest to survive but the one who is able to adapt to changes»

Pier Luigi Michelini

Federica Arinci

Worker in the horticultural field since 1987, starting as a producer, Pier Luigi Michelini is one of Pesciaflor administrators since 1999 and currently purchase manager. he buys directly from the main dutch auctions since 2010, and he personally takes care of flower supply composition for events such as destination weddings, public events and celebrations. Lately he’s been collaborating on the development of a management software designed specificaly for the flower supply industry, to simplify and speed up the work phases and offering to customers a quick and easy way to purchase online.

She can be introduced as a legacy of this company, since Pesciaflor was born as a natural continuation of her father’s business founded in 1961. Federica Arinci is one of Pesciaflor administrators and she handles multiple functions as administrative and accountant manager. She provides to the supplier relationships and the local product selection.


Luca Bolognesi

Antonio Miggiano

Fabrizio Riccomi

Isacco Mariani

Stefania Balestri

Davide Gabbani

Our true force stands in a professional and organized team, able to satisfy our clients’ needs with a rich product selection and on time deliveries. These are the people who finalize the workflow chain.


Lorenzo Riccomi

Luca Franchi

Giuseppe Michelini

This is Pesciaflor’s core. Heart and brain where the logistic phases are handled: collecting the orders, contacting the suppliers, organizing the deliveries and planning the next days work. A natural link between the clients’ needs and the suppliers’ services.


Mirko Matina

Giulio Benedetti

Pesciaflor believes and cares particularly in apprentices training for a proper placement in this industry. They are the future of the company.


The accounting order is the base of a healty financial situation and the crucial point for a proper commercial development. Punctuality and accuracy are qualities that drive us since the very beginning of our working career.

Alessandra Pellegrini


Official Partners

We’ve always been a truely supply company. Our work processes and built-in softwares are the result of a long experience on the field and a solid collaboration with our partners.

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