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“Keeping up with the business logic”

Simpleness and professionalism, This is what defines us

We’re very dedicated to flowers and doing a job that amuses us is a privilege we have since 1999. The growth and experience developed in this industry allowed use to work with the traditional companies to the internationl chains, guaranteeing to our customers a complete offer compatible with the times.

Experience and knowledge of our products

Over time we developed a true professionalism in advising our clients to the best products for the current season and the kind of work they need to do. The actual knowloedge of the products we sell is one of our strengths.

The local products enhancement

The local species safeguard goes through to the local product valorising. This is why our company has always been very careful in taking care the relationships with the local growers.

Straight links with South Italy and Sanremo growers

The product enhancement doesn’t revolve just around the local product but to all the products of our country. That’s why Pesciaflor looks after business relations with growers from the north to the south.

Direct contacts with foreign growers

To ensure a diversified product offer we also use foreign channels, withouth forgetting the importance of knowing what we’re selling. This is the reason why Pesciaflor always knows the growers that it relies on.


From local to global

In a constant market evolution needs change and a winning strategy is the product variation. Thank to the softwares developed in our company and the platforms we rely on, Pesciaflor is able to give to our clients a rich product offer and online services. Nowaday international cooperation is necessary for a market the more and more globalized. This is easly possible for us and our clients with the webshop and KOA services.


Official Partners

We’ve always been a truely supply company. Our work processes and built-in softwares are the result of a long experience on the field and solid collaboration with our partners.

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InBloom Project POR CreO Fesr

Pesciaflor. Project co-financed under Tuscany
POR FESR 2014-2020

Pesciaflor. Project co-financed under Tuscany
POR FESR 2014-2020